Being Human

In Drafts, Sanford Meisner on August 22, 2012 at 5:37 am

Not as a philosophical concept, not as a topic for a school essay, not as a “what if” sending delicious thrills thanks to visions of alternate realities, out there. Uncertainty as a way of life.

Uncertainty as to what comes next. Uncertainty as to what is trustworthy, what isn’t. Whose word is best taken into account; whose, best ignored.

Telling the stories of uncertainty – your own, other people’s, no better, no worse than you. A few monsters, thrown into the mix? Perhaps; although there’s little need of full-fledged ones.

What keeps people going when there’s no justifiable reason to do so – and no belief in an afterlife gained through cheerful acceptance of the harsh, straight and narrow  as pre-requisites to it? How do they keep themselves going? What do they choose to let go in their belief system (not even talking about material possessions, although that’s part of the picture, obviously).

What do people choose as their core beliefs when life doesn’t pan out as expected? When other people they loved and in whom they trusted die or leave, or reveal aspects of their personality that change the picture in fundamental ways?

How do people deal with aloneness – the chosen kind, and the one brought on by exclusions of different varieties?

Where do people find comfort? Relief? How do they deal with others they meet, who may be in better or worse circumstances than their own?

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