In Hautvoir, Revision on July 31, 2011 at 4:20 am

Let’s take Dedalus as an example; as good a place as any to pick up on the theme of  story threads and where they can lead you. One such thread was once handed to a woman by a relative. It provided long-overdue validation of what that woman knew to be truth the Truth Keepers in her life called fabrications. After finding the courage to speak some of those truths to someone she trusted, the woman touched her own mouth in wonder, discovering she had broken the curse and – surprise – the avenging gods had not swooped down to destroy her.

Back to Dedalus, and how life expresses itself through story; alternatively, how story can lead you to years of wandering a dank and smelly labyrinth, or to the realization you’ve done it: you have broken free. I imagine Dedalus somewhat stunned when he first makes it back to the sunlight. He’s been wandering in the dark;  battling fantasmagorical figures born of his own anguish; following that goddamn thread Ariadne gave him, and wondering if it too isn’t part of a nasty trick. Suddenly, daylight. Suddenly, fresh air; the breeze from the sea; the sea itself.

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