The Best Part

In Current reading, Hautvoir, Revision on July 23, 2011 at 7:24 am

Was it when I woke up from the dream, because I was laughing out loud?

Was it the dream itself? The song playing in my head? Or the six sentences I wrote after putting the moka pot on the stove? Twenty-six years, summarized in six sentences. The equivalent, in writing, to the final scene in the dream. No regrets, no remorse; relief at how simple it was to clear away cobwebs.

The books in the current reading pile being library loans, I set them down on the floor before turning off the light – sleeping with my reading supply being an old habit of mine. Usually a mix of things I dip into like someone taking a bite out of an assortment of chocolates; the best part of reading being the moment when I put down the book because something in it (or in the combo) has triggered my imagination. Off and away I go into my own stories.

The best part. Does it have a name? Never mind a room; a life of one’s own, maybe, growing stories the way others raise ducks or build cathedrals out of match sticks; creating new things out of old ones. Finding a new thread to follow, one that fits the pattern, yet gives it another slant.

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