Notes for another day

In FAR - Arts Center, Food, Hautvoir on February 26, 2010 at 8:58 am

My intent isn’t to make fun of the organizers of the local event I attended last night, so the name of the event and of its sponsors isn’t included in the photo above.  The text in the arrow pointing left reads: To your right at the top of the stairs.  Fact:   the hall of the Auditorium is indeed on the second floor and to the right of the stairs; to the left of the stairs, there are nothing but windows overlooking this sign on the door. Given the context, a sign like this is the type of thing that amuses me.

As for the event itself, I needn’t have worried about dress code before attending: this is a rugby town. Ergo: 1)attendees were mostly men wearing rugby-appropriate attire; 2) in the supporting cast of wives and girlfriends, the four younger ones were pretty enough to hold all eyes; 3) therefore, the ten or twelve of us older women were free to look as dowdy, frowzy and/or lacking in fashion sense as we wished. In that contest, I wasn’t even in the top three.

After listening to a presentation on ecologically-sound local industries, I discovered that, food-wise, rugby enthusiasts in Southwestern France enjoy: an overlong apéritif period – say, from 8:30 to 10 pm. After which  you sit down to a light snack of sauerkraut with four types of sausage + ham, wine and/or beer and/or both, cheese, pie, ice cream, coffee, Armagnac… (My own meal stopped after the second type of sausage – by ten-fifteen of an evening, I turn into a picky eater). I stumbled home past midnight, drunk on fatigue and the din of many voices. (Ever notice how the decibels increase with the consumption of alcohol? As each person’s inhibitions fall, voices get louder; everyone must then speak up to be heard… and so on.)

All of this carefully recorded as future reference for the French story, before heading back to the current project in English.

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