Scenes from an Official Reception

In Circus, Collages, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music on February 24, 2010 at 8:56 am

It’s a complicated morning in Graulhet. The writer has made a fool of herself publicly in the local community. Bad enough when you make a fool of yourself in blogland; but on the street where you live? It takes some antidote to sweeten the pill.  Which is why I’m posting this photo, taken at the Official Reception at City Hall, to Honor the  Principals of the Film Mission Socrate. The three gentlemen in the center are about to perform the copulation dance of the genetically-modified earthworm (said earthworms have shoulders which they use as their instrument of reproduction). Also present are: the mayor (in black, back row, under the window; his cultural attache (short bleached hair, back row); Jackie Berroyer, co-director of the film (back row, standing and shooting photos); Bertrand Lenclos, co-director (in front of the mayor, with cap and scratching his nose); plus a cast of thousands.

To this, I add Captain Spaulding’s “Hello, I Must Be Going”. And a personal reminder to the writer that she is perfectly entitled to make a fool of herself so long as she is willing to make a fool of herself.

Writer: Are you willing to make a fool of yourself?

Same Writer:  You first.

Writer: No, you first.

Same Writer: Please, I insist.

Writer: No, I wouldn’t dream of it.

And so on.

Have you ever seen “Teamwork” by Habbe und Meik? You haven’t?  Then, you haven’t been following this blog. So Please: Habbe und Meik while I go put on my greasepaint before heading out the door, and making the best of my latest goof. (No, I feel no overwhelming need  to share the nature of the goof with the entire readership of the Writer’s Notebook. Suffice it to say the writer took many, many notes on it, and will make good use of same in a fictional setting.)

Et maintenant, un peu de musique.

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