The darker side of the hill

In Collages, Contes d'Exil, Film, Hautvoir on February 21, 2010 at 9:21 am

Someone typed the words : “balance of light and dark” as a result of which that person reached  this blog. What that person expected to find, I don’t know. Whatever that person did find, I hope it proved useful, one way or another.

In the story I’m writing, I’m working on fairly dark scenes at the moment – always a tricky process. You want to avoid excess – at least, I do. At the same time, if the characters and their reactions are to be credible, I think what I’m writing now must be part of the story.

A few days ago, I sat with a film maker who lives across the street. He wanted to show me an experimental piece he did last fall. It took quite a while before he could bring himself to do so because he  had explored some of his own darker materials. Sharing those with others is not easy. As it turned out, I felt I could work on English subtitles for that short. Whether anyone else will be interested in it, who knows? To me, it seems like a valid exploration of some of the excesses you meet in the film world. The scenes I’m working on in my own story at the moment have something of that same vibe to them. I’ll be glad once they’re written, and I’ll probably feel the same way as my neighbor did, when showing them to someone else. Goes with the territory – at least, in my experience, it does.

I think the photo is self-explanatory. The sun was setting behind the trees when I took this shot. The darkness is intentional.

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